H+Y Regulatory Graphics Consultants
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Service: Artwork

All H+Y services are geared toward ensuring that the communication between Design and Regulatory is understood. The language of design and the language of regulations are very different and our goal has always been to bridge this communication gap so that a solution can be worked out.
+ Regulatory Graphics Compliance Pre-Production Evaluation
This service is suggested before the designs are started. This service is to review the graphics regulations that would impact the design concepts or brand identity for the package with all parties concerned, i.e. Legal, Marketing, Design, Production, Regulatory, etc. This evaluation would identify those elements that may present a difficulty.

+ Regulatory Packaging Artwork Implementation Guidance
This service works hand-in-hand with the Pre-Production Evaluation. Once issues are identified then solutions are worked out with the Client's Design & Regulatory Teams. The goal is a packaging design/concept that is aesthetically pleasing, holds true to the brand identity AND complies with all applicable regulations.

+ Review of Packaging Production Final Artwork for Compliance
Reviewing final artwork electronically to ensure the packaging graphics complies with the applicable regulation. This service can be done in conjunction with the Pre-Production Evaluation and Implementation Guidance or can be done without these prior services.
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